The Mental Toughness Program

The best way to develop mental toughness is to expose yourself to various types of adversities then overcome them. This seven day program is designed to strengthen and develop your mental toughness in just this way.

This program will test you both mentally and physically. It will push you to places you have never been before, and it will not be easy. Attempt the program at your own risk.

In so doing, this program will show you how strong you are. It will empower you to achieve your goals along with your potential and to live the life you have always imagined.

For more information, visit the book website HERE or click the image below to buy the book.

Government is a Racket: Withdraw Your Support

After countless hours of painstaking research into politics, I decided to resign my US Air Force commission and share what I learned in hopes that others will realize the true nature of government.

Government is a Racket: Withdraw your Support, is a quick, easy-to-understand book full of relevant references and concrete examples of why government no longer deserves the support of a free and just society.